Our Methods

All of our projects start with a feasibility meeting. At this meeting we work with you exploring your vision of the perfect home and what is possible on the building site and budgeting.

We then research zoning, variances and septic location possibilities on your site to determine potential complications that might affect the design and construction process.

If you need an architect, we can help you find one. We work with many of the highest regarded local architects and will match you and your project with the architect that best suits your needs.

As the details of the project begin to emerge, we will put together a preliminary budget. This is based on drawings and written projections. We can provide a detailed cost analysis to our clients that specifically breaks down the project’s expenses.

We will provide a construction schedule detailing each important benchmark so you can follow the process, plan events relative to construction and ultimately plan your move-in.

The selection of materials can affect the budget and the aesthetic of your home. Imagine-It Builders will not use substandard materials for construction or finish work; we work with you on the selection of quality materials to find the right components to meet your budget.

The subcontractors we use are accomplished and experienced. We’ve spent years fostering relationships with our contractors to gain confidence in their performance and guarantee the quality of their work.